Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation Service

Inspira Health's award-winning Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation (PCAF) service provides specialists within GP practice to provide face-to-face clinical reviews with patients in Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

AF is a major risk factor for AF-related stroke. The risk of AF-related stroke can significantly be reduced if AF is treated appropriately. However, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) 46 per cent of patients who should be anticoagulated are not receiving treatment.

The main aim of the innovative PCAF service is to increase the uptake of anticoagulation in AF patients while providing an educational legacy for clinicians — with the overall objective to improve patient health outcomes.

Key results so far:

  • Over 600 practices nationwide with 6 million population covered
  • Over 24,000 Consultant reviews
  • Prevented over 1000 strokes and 550 premature deaths
  • Associated with a 41% reduction in AF related strokes across participating GP practices

PCAF will:

Significantly improve the data quality of your AF register;  Deliver the AF QoF/PCQP  indicators to their maximum thresholds;  Increase the knowledge and skills of your workforce through one-to-one education with an expert in the field of AF;  Ensure that all eligible high risk patients are anti-coagulated and optimally managed, and will therefore reduce the expected number of AF-related strokes within your practice population.

You will receive a number of benefits hosting the PCAF service, including:
A significant improvement in the quality of your AF registers; Achieving maximum QoF/PCQP indicators, thresholds and income; Increased knowledge, awareness and confidence in current evidence-based treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation; More patients accessing anticoagulation therapy, reducing their risk of an AF-related stroke; and therefore reducing the incidence of stroke within the practice population.

PCAF Approach

Phase 1 – Data: Running bespoke queries on the GP Clinical System
Phase 2 - Clinical Audit: Completion of 3 clinical audits; Comprehensive patient case note review; A review of all DOAC patients, ensure correct dose and in date bloods; Independent assessment of warfarin patient safety
Phase 3 - Patient Invitations: Systematic patient invitation
Phase 4 - Specialist Review: Specialist-led clinics hosted within your practice premises; 1-1 clinical education with an expert; Optimising treatment and management of high risk AF patients
Phase 5 - Patient Follow-up: Inspira reviews recommendations and subsequent actions at 2-months post clinic to determine outcomes