Primary Care Diabetic Nephropathy Service

The Primary Care Diabetic Nephropathy Service is a Specialist-led service to help achieve QOF and NICE guidelines and improve Patient Outcomes.

  • The management of diabetic nephropathy is a major clinical and societal issue because of its widespread prevalence, and massive health and financial burden;
  • Patients with advanced diabetic nephropathy can have a poor prognosis in terms of kidney function and a high risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  • Sodium–glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors have been receiving a great deal of attention owing to their protective effects on the kidney and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease;
  • The first step in treating diabetic nephropathy is to treat and control diabetes and, if needed, high blood pressure (hypertension). With good management of blood sugar and hypertension, you can prevent or delay kidney dysfunction and other complications.
PCDN is:
  • A specialist-led service;
  • Delivered within your practice premises;
  • NOT a drug switch programme, despite funding being made available from the pharmaceutical industry.
You will receive a number of benefits hosting the PCDN service, including:
  • A significant improvement in the quality of your diabetic disease registers; - Achieving improved QOF indicators, thresholds and income;
  • Increased knowledge, awareness and confidence in current evidence-based treatment strategies for diabetic nephropathy disease (NG28, TA288, TA315, TA336, TA390 and TA418);
  • More patients accessing specialist advice/treatment for managing diabetic nephropathy; and therefore improving patient outcomes within the practice population.


Download PCDN leaflet here