Primary Care Secondary Prevention Service

The Primary Care Secondary Prevention Service is a Consultant Cardiologist-led Cardiovascular service to help achieve QOF and NICE guidelines and improve Patient Outcomes.


The NHS Long-term Plan identifies improving the management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) as a top priority. CVD is one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK. Lifestyle changes such as change in diet, reduction in alcohol, cessation of smoking, daily exercise and weight loss may help reduce patients’ CVD risk. There are also a range of medications available to assist in reducing an individuals CVD risk. Ensuring patients are informed about their lifestyle choices and treatment options is an important part of reducing the risk of CVD events.

PCSP is:
  • A specialist-led service;
  • Delivered within your practice premises;
  • NOT a drug switch programme, despite funding being made available from the pharmaceutical industry.
You will receive a number of benefits hosting the PCSP service, including:
  • A significant improvement in the quality of your Cardiovascular disease registers;
  • Achieving improved QOF indicators, thresholds and income;
  • Increased knowledge, awareness - and confidence in current evidence-based treatment strategies for Cardiovascular disease (NICE CG181);
  • More patients accessing specialist advice/treatment for managing Cardiovascular disease; and therefore reducing the incidence of Cardiovascular events within the practice population.


Download PCSP Leaflet here