Primary Care Heart Failure Service

The Inspira Health Primary Care Heart Failure (PCHF) Service is a Consultant-led / GP with Specialist Interest in Cardiology service that provides expert resource to work within GP practices.

The service, which is fully funded, provides a high quality, systematic and seamless pathway to identify, diagnose and treat patients with Heart Failure (HF) with severe Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (LVSD)

Benefits are as follows:
  • Ensures patients with HF (with LVSD) are optimally managed and treated to improve health outcomes
  • Ensures practices are compliant with NICE guidelines
  • The service is led by a Consultant Cardiologist
  • Increases clinicians’ knowledge around evidence-based strategies for managing and treating HF and LVSD
  • Delivers HF QOF indicators to their maximum thresholds
  • Increases the data quality of the HF and LVSD register
Key results so far:
  • PCHF patient clinical reviews have found 27% appropriate for complex device therapy and 45% require medicines optimisation
  • PCHF audits have increased LVSD coding by 47%

PCHF Approach

Phase 1: Data

  • Running bespoke heart failure queries on the clinical system.

Phase 2: Patient Medical Records Review (Clinical Audit)

  • Audit 1 – Assessing the practice HF and LVSD prevalence
  • Audit 2 – Assessing current management and compliance with NICE guidelines (e.g. TA314 and NG106)

Phase 3: Patient Invitations

  • Inspira invites all eligible patients to attend a specialist review with a local Consultant at local GP Practice

Phase 4: Consultant Clinic

  • Cardiologists review patients for consideration for pharmacological and/or interventional therapy in clinic at the practice. Patients will have up to date ECGs arranged prior to seeing Cardiologist. Patients are referred by the Cardiologist if deemed necessary into secondary/tertiary care for device management and/or treatment optimisation

Phase 5: Patient Follow-up

  • Inspira reviews recommendations and subsequent actions at 3-months, 6-months, 9-months and 12-months post clinic to determine outcomes